Monday, November 10, 2008

Shhhh, Be A Secret Santa!
12 Days of Christmas Poem
On the first day of Christmas we've often heard it said It's nice to give someone you love a loaf of homemade bread.
On the second day of Christmas two rolls of sticky tape to help you wrap your Christmas gifts for that extra special date.
On the third day of Christmas three packages of jell-o the light dessert, the bright dessert, red, green and yellow.
On the fourth day of Christmas and I'll bet you thought we'd miss you. We didn't, though, and here you have four roll so bathroom tissue.
On the fifth day of Christmas five treats of sugar sweet. We hope that you will all enjoy the taste that can't be beat.
On the sixth day of Christmas you need a nice cold drink. Six can of pop are sure to help, at least that's what we think!
On the seventh day of Christmas we wondered what to do, But then we found these apples and we're giving them to you.
On the eighth day of Christmas we're nearly out of rhyme But here are eight nice cookies to enhance your Christmas time.
On the ninth day of Christmas we know you're on the run. So we want you to stop, relax, and have a chew of gum.
On the tenth day of Christmas ten eggs (not quite a dozen) to scramble, fry or use in baking, or any way that you love them.
On the eleventh day of Christmas we looked for lards a-leaping but all that we could really find was this little Tom a-peeping. ( I used a stuffed turkey toy, you can also give a frozen turkey)
On the Twelfth day of Christmas twelve fruits you'll find in here, sent with love and with hope we've brought you Christmas Cheer.
* This idea came from Paper Craft Magazine, November 2004

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